Promedim Medical Services

Enabled by our cloud-based technology, to provide the highest standards of medical coverage, our therapeutically aligned medical team are currently looking after patients on study programs globally.

Our medical monitors are providing GCP mandated “readily available” physician oversight of safety and giving protocol and IMP advice to study sites and project teams.

For example a patient in a clinical trial who receives a completely new therapy with an unusual mode of action has a medical emergency and attends an emergency room – we are here to give prompt background on the study, the IMP and support any unblinding decisions.

Scalable, Cost-Effective and Compliant

Cost Effective

Our subscription medical services cover your clinical trial needs only when you need them to maximize your scientific investment.


We support around-the-clock or just at those times when you may need some extra help like holidays and weekends.


Enabled by our technology, we meet your GCP 24/7/365 medical requirements, with an audit trail of coverage always
inspection ready.

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