Our cloud-based technology, with integrated control centre, provides a scalable, cost-effective and compliant solution for your clinical trial physicians.

iOS and Android apps provide clinical trial physicians with a way to manage their availability and for sponsors to have oversight of the medics covering their studies.

The Trial Communicator module allows for 2-way communication between the study medics and investigator sites for those routine medical monitoring queries.

Manage Your Clinical Trial Physicians Effectively | promedim24 from Promedim

Scalable, Cost-Effective and Compliant

iOS & Android Apps

Study medics download promedim24 to manage their time and availability, access the secure document repository and answer any non-urgent medical queries.

Trial Communicator

The Trial Communicator module allows study medics to manage the less urgent, day-to-day medical monitoring queries all from the convenience of their phone.

Secure Documents

Upload study documents to the promedim24 secure repository for real-time access to current versions. No more study protocols being carried around by trial physicians.

Control Centre

Promedim’s integrated control centre connects investigator sites directly with a physician to answer any emergency questions.

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